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Stretching Kit - Funk Off & Stretching Tape


Stretching kit includes:
– x1 Funk Off piercing deodorant (Normally $18)
– x1 Premium stretching tape (Normally $20)

Premium Stretching Tape:
Stretch up slowly and safely with our premium ear stretching tape. Made from non-adhesive PVC our tape makes stretching a breeze!
The taping method is the preferred way to stretch up once you get to the larger sizes.

Funk Off Piercing Deodorant:
Funk-Off piercing deodorant is an all natural formulation that is designed to control the foul odour associated with body piercings. The application is quick and easy and many of our customers say that Funk-Off keeps the foul smell from your piercings away for days at a time. Funk-Off can also be used as an aid if you are going to stretch ears.

*Colour will be selected at random

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