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Piercing Aftercare


  • Touch the piercing; Twist, turn, or move the jewellery
  • Pick at scabs or “crusties”; they help the healing process. When having a hot shower run the water over the area and the scabs will go soft and fall away gently on their own.


  • Dry your piercing thoroughly after the shower with a clean tissue or paper towel (don’t use your towel as they harbour bacteria and can snag the jewellery)
  • Irrigate with sterile saline solution twice daily. Avoid using cotton balls or tips to clean with as they leave fibres behind that can cause irritations.
  • Wait the recommended healing period before changing the jewellery.
  • If you notice a granuloma (piercing bump) see your piercer immediately to treat it.


Things to avoid

  • Swimming for 2 weeks (the ocean, spas, and pools all harbour bacteria).
  • Harsh chemicals such as peroxide and Dettol.
  • Taking aftercare advice from the internet or untrained professionals. Only follow the advice given by your piercer.
  • Consuming alcohol for the first 3-5 days (alcohol thins the blood and can cause excessive swelling and bleeding)
  • Removing the jewellery if infection is suspected, (removing the jewellery from an infected piercing can seal the infection inside the body and make it a lot worse) consult your piercer if you have any concerns.
  • Try to prevent body wash, shampoo, sprays etc. from coming into contact with your piercing


Oral Piercings (tongue, smiley, webbing) Healing time 4-6 weeks
Downsize time 3-4 weeks

Lip/ Upper Lip
Healing time 6-12 weeks
Downsize Time 6-8 weeks

  • Eating may be difficult for the first few days, stick to cool, soft, non-spicy foods. Cold drinks and ice will help bring down swelling.
  • No Dairy or beer for the first 2 weeks and No alcohol for the first 5 days. These foods harbour bacteria or irritants that will cause swelling in your piercing.
  • Gently rinse your mouth at least twice daily and after every meal for the first 2 weeks with Easy Piercing Mouthwash Solution (available from Angel Body Jewellery)
  • Avoid smoking for at least the first week. If smoking is unavoidable rinse after smoking with a non-alcohol based mouthwash.
  • Avoid oral sexual activity or kissing for the first 2 weeks.


Ear Piercings (lobes, helix, rook, daith, industrial, etc.) Healing time, Lobes 4-6 weeks, cartilage 6 months
Downsize 8-10 weeks

  • Try to avoid sleeping on the piercing whilst healing as the pressure will prolong healing and cause the piercing to shift angles or migrate.
  • Be mindful of hair and changing clothing that they don’t snag or entangle on the piercing.
  • Avoid wearing earplugs or headphones during the healing process.
  • Make sure to get a check up at 8 weeks to downsize your jewellery. This will keep the angle of your piercing nice and tidy and assist in faster healing.


Nostril Piercing

Healing time 3- 6 months

  • Changing to a ring too early can be detrimental to the piercing so always wait the full healing time before changing the jewellery.
  • Apply a small Band-Aid (such as the round ones used after injections) on the piercing every night for the first few weeks to prevent it coming out during sleep. If the jewellery falls out and you cannot re-insert it, put a clean, normal earring in the piercing to prevent it closing over and immediately see your piercer.
  • Be gentle when blowing your nose with tissues and washing your face as to not bump or flick out the jewellery.


Septum Piercing

Healing time 6-8 weeks

  • Avoid flipping the piercing up and down during the healing process (if it needs to be hidden for work or school, flip it up and then leave it flipped up for the entire healing process)
  • Be gentle when blowing your nose with tissues or washing your face.
  • When adjusting jewellery, always do so with clean/ washed hands.


Navel, Nipple and Eyebrow

Healing time 3-6 months

  • Avoid oral contact for the first 4 weeks
  • Use secure, clean padding during sports and exercise.
  • Avoid any tight clothing that restricts the area. Rubbing can cause your piercing to migrate.
  • Also avoid wearing hats, lacy clothing or things that sit on the area that may cause snagging.


Microdermal Anchors

Healing time 5-8 weeks

  • Be mindful of hair and changing clothing so that they do not snag or bump the piercing. Also avoid wearing hats, lacy clothing or things that sit on the area that may cause snagging.
  • If the top falls off or starts to embed in the skin, immediately see your piercer
  • Cover the piercing with gauze or padding when engaging in physical activities such as sports and exercise.
  • Keep your dermal covered for the first week, changing the patch regularly and after showering.


Any queries, questions or concerns immediately contact your piercer

Be wary of cheap, unsafe jewellery found online as they can irritate your piercing and even cause infection. Only wear implant grade 316L stainless steel, implant grade titanium, PTFE, Bioplast and 14ct or 18ct gold in body piercings.

Make your own saline solution using 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodised sea salt with 1 cup of warm distilled or boiled water.


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